Introducing Kodumo's smallest cabin, the "Koolibri" (hummingbird), a compact year-round retreat offering 30 square meters of floor area. This charming cabin, designed for both personal use and rental opportunities, is a wise investment for those seeking a versatile and cozy space.

"Koolibri" is not just a cabin; it's an experience. Perfect for personal getaways or as a rental property, it provides an opportunity to enjoy sauna pleasures and relax in a serene environment. 

With 200mm of stone wool insulation in the walls and 300mm in the roof, "Koolibri" ensures a comfortable interior temperature in any season. Delivered to your property with a concrete foundation, including integrated connection points for internal communications, this cabin is designed for convenience.

If needed, the "Koolibri" cabin, weighing 21 tons, can be lifted into place with a crane, providing flexibility in its placement on your property.

Embrace the simplicity and elegance of the "Koolibri" cabin for a truly enchanting living experience.