Introducing our innovative Designer Public Restroom Modules, crafted with precision and creativity by the renowned Estonian architects Kadarik and Tüür. Revolutionizing the conventional public restroom experience, these modules are designed to seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with functional accessibility.

Concrete Foundations for Unparalleled Accessibility: Our modules stand firm on concrete foundations, allowing for an exceptionally low installation height. This unique feature ensures easy access for individuals using wheelchairs and carriages, eliminating the need for cumbersome steps and ramps. Say goodbye to the traditional limitations posed by elevated timber frame bases.

Architectural Brilliance by Kadarik and Tüür: Designed by the distinguished architects Kadarik and Tüür (KTA), these restroom modules are a testament to their innovative approach to architecture. Each module reflects a harmonious blend of form and function, challenging the mundane and uninspiring designs prevalent in most public restrooms.

Visually Aesthetic and Easily Customizable: Escape the ordinary with our visually pleasing restroom modules. Their sleek and modern design offers a refreshing departure from the mundane. Additionally, these modules are easily customizable, catering to diverse needs – be it gender-specific, unisex, handicap-accessible, or designed for mothers and babies. The possibilities are limitless.

Transferrability for Dynamic Requirements: Built on a sturdy concrete foundation, these modules can be effortlessly relocated to alternate locations when needed. The adaptability of our design ensures that your restroom facilities can evolve with changing demands and spatial requirements.

Features at a Glance:

  • Low installation height for wheelchair and carriage accessibility.
  • Designed by distinguished architects Kadarik and Tüür (KTA)
  • Visually aesthetic and easily customizable for various purposes.
  • Options for gender-specific, unisex, handicap-accessible, and family-friendly designs.
  • Concrete foundation for easy transferrability to alternate locations.

Transform the restroom experience in your public spaces with our Designer Public Restroom Modules – where functionality meets architectural brilliance. Elevate the standards of public facilities and make a lasting impression with these innovative and adaptable solutions.