Introducing the tranquil haven of Kodumo's design modular cabin, "Rahu." Crafted by the renowned Estonian architects Kadarik and Tüür, this cozy dwelling proudly holds the title of "Best Small Structure 2019." Stepping through the entrance of this exquisite design villa, you'll immediately feel right at home.

"Rahu" is a versatile home, suitable for use as a charming cottage or a year-round residence. The cabin features two bedrooms and a spacious covered area, comfortably accommodating up to four guests. With 200mm of stone wool insulation in the walls and 300mm in the roof, "Rahu" ensures a consistently pleasant temperature inside.

Delivered to your property with a concrete foundation, the cabin incorporates built-in connection points for all internal communications. "Rahu" is designed to provide you with a comfortable and worry-free living space.

Experience true tranquility and comfort in your dream home.